How to build a low-cost house with modern technology

After the emergence of the Hippie culture in the 1970s, small and independent houses have become very common, especially in the United States of America, Canada and a few European countries. People are opting for new and creative living options like a house on wheels, living on a sailboat, building a home on an off-grid location, wood cabins, mud houses, bamboo structures and many more. The idea of owning a home at low cost has spread like wildfire and everyone id running to remote locations to buy cheap land. These people live far from civilisation but earn through the internet by making videos, writing blogs or offering online services, and their houses are highly advanced as they need to be in touch with the world at all times. Here are a few ways you can build a low-cost house with modern technology.

Know the Land


When you are building a low-cost home, you will be sacrificing a lot of things which a regular house offers and the biggest one is a stable structure. These homes will be built with wood, mud or recyclable material which is strong but not as strong as concrete so facing a natural calamity might be a tough job; therefore, you must be familiar with the land and its regulations. Thoroughly research on the history of the area, if it is prone to earthquakes, storms, landslides, floods or any other destructive force, customise your home in such a way that it can withstand any such attack. Talk to a local broker and make sure that you are fully aware of the rules of buying a property in that area, especially if it is not your domicile or if it comes under any protected cover like national parks, sanctuaries or forest reserves.

Building material

Once you have a plan for your home, think about how you will be executing it. Try to use building material which is found in abundance near your plot of land. If your property has a decent green cover, timber will be a schema building material, and if you are near a water body, clay will be available in vast quantities. Use the environment around you to look for cheap stuff. If you are located ina place where bamboo is available, use it as the prominent constructive material as bamboo is very robust and long-standing building material which has been used since time immemorial.

Adding technology


This is what will cost you the most as technology is not cheap and gets outdated very fast. It will require regular maintenance and service to run at an optimum level. Solar panels are a must if you want to save up in the long run, these solar panels will power you entire home including the fridge, water heating system, appliances and even charge your batteries in case of emergency.